* The False Post From RIPOFF REPORT on Google is currently being reviewed to be removed*
RAG has helped thousands of recording artists since 2009 and continues to do so to this day. A competing company called Indie Power / IES (Indie Entertainment Summit) owned by Jay Warsinske posted an anonymous false claim about RAG in Dec 2013. These claims by Jay Warsenske / Indie Power / IES were found to be completely false in a California Small Claims Court and he was found guilty of slander and fraud. Unfortunately false claims can’t be removed from RIPOFF REPORT.  We appreciate your consideration in this matter and look forward to many years of helping artists reach their goals.
*Please see the court ruling by clicking the link*


“We have learned that there still are motivated people out there who genuinely look out for artists. We have learned more about the many opportunities that young artists have in today’s music model.

The RAG team has been very helpful and detailed when having conversations about our band’s future. These guys know their stuff!”

– Obscured By Echoes

“These guys are truly epic, surreal, and awesome! I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and everyone has a purpose. I believe mine is to help people to never give up on their dreams no matter what that dream is, and my relationship with them is just that. Meant to be.” – JD Nash

“First off, I have enjoyed working with RAG.  They have opened up unique opportunities that I never would have imagined. Grateful for RAG in assisting me in launching my career to new heights.  The music reviews for “Little Darling” “Make Me Believe” and “Step Away” are the staples of my future album titled “Elizabeth”.  Thank you to the RAG team for making RAG a launch pad for upcoming artists.” – Elizabeth Pope

Thank you Recording Artists Guild! Having assistance with promoting my music has been a great help!” – Sylvia Fedrick

“I have really enjoyed my experience so far with the Recording Artists Guild. You guys are incredibly helpful, positive and very approachable which is quite refreshing. It has left me with a good feeling of excitement.” – Fiona Noaks