Who is the Recording Artists Guild (RAG)?

RAG is a non-profit organization of recording artists who came together to form a community and support system that offers tools and opportunities to musicians worldwide to help them succeed in their careers.

Who is eligible to join RAG?

All we require is that you belong to a Performing Rights Organization such as BMI, ASCAP or SESAC- and you have at least one “radio ready” song. We want your material to be protected and we want to have it handy to reference when considering you for projects, gigs, licensing, etc.

Am I exclusive to RAG? Can I sell my music and merchandise on my own?

We are not managers or agents. RAG does not own any part of you, your brand, or your music. You are free to act on your own in any way you see fit. We are here for support and guidance.

Is my manager a member, too?

As far as RAG membership goes, it is exclusive to the individual. The artist is the member, not the representative. It is similar to the relationship of SAG actors and their managers.

Do each of my band members need to sign up individually?

If they would also like to interact with us and take advantage of all we have to offer, yes.

I am in another country. How can RAG help me from the United States?

We have many important tools for artists from out of the country such as Digital Distribution, Licensing for Film/TV and access to an online plethora of industry information and contacts. You can also take advantage of our “Gig Alerts” so you can book more gigs for your next international tour.

Do we get any type of promotion?

We are not promoters on an individual level.  You will be in the RAG artist database, which is visible by millions of users especially during our live-streaming events. The RAG staff updates social media daily and helps spread the word about RAG members whenever possible. The artists with the most media, activity and interaction with us are usually the first ones that come to mind when opportunities come to us. Basically, the more you put in the more you get out.