RAG Insurance

RAG is proud to be the first guild for musicians to offer extensive health, life, dental, home, auto and other quality insurance products from the major carriers at a discounted rate.

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With your RAG membership you will receive the basic benefits package through American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) which includes generous discounts on:

  •     Eye Care
  •     Chiropractic Care
  •     Hearing Care
  •     Prescription Drugs, and a
  •     $2000 Accidental Death Benefit

There is a premium benefits package available to you through AIL for an annual fee of $24.95. The premium benefits package includes the same as the basic, plus discounts on:

  •     Dental Care
  •     Vitamins/Nutritional Supplements
  •     Passport Protection
  •     Travel Assistance

All RAG members are listed in our membership directory and receive our monthly newsletter featuring testimonials from various members, special event invites, job opportunities and more.  We also offer financial planning services to our members at a discounted rate through our partner World Financial Group.

Benefits Specifics

The Guild Health Benefits Program through AIL allows members to take advantage of 10-60% discounts on health-related products and services that might not be covered by their health and welfare benefits. After the members activate their membership card, they simply call the 1-800 number listed on the back of the card for the location of the nearest participating providers. To use the program, members simply present their membership card when paying for the service. Discounts are taken at the time of purchase, so there are no rebates to collect or forms to fill out.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit:

All active RAG members will receive a $2,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit. This benefit will be awarded to a beneficiary of choice. In the case of dismemberment the member would receive the benefit.

Travel Services:

The program has just made travel much more affordable for its members. Savings are available on hotels, motels, resorts and car rentals.

Benefits Include:


Emergency Travel Services:

This travel assistance service virtually eliminates the adverse effect of the “cash before boarding” policy of most carriers. Since this program satisfies all payment requirements of air evacuation carriers, the injured or ill member can immediately board the emergency air vehicle for transport to the final hospital destination. Members have access to the following benefits provided the travel assistance company has been contacted first:

  •     Emergency Medical Evacuation
  •     Medically Necessary Repatriation
  •     Transportation of Mortal Remains
  •     Transportation of Escort
  •     Family Visitation
  •     Minor Child(ren) Return/Escort
  •     Vehicle Return
  •     24-hour Information Service
  •     Medical Monitoring
  •     Medical Referral
  •     Guarantee of Medical Expenses
  •     Insurance Coordination
  •     Lost Document Service
  •     Legal Assistance
  •     Emergency Delivery of Prescription Items
  •     Emergency Cash Transfers and Advances
  •     Language Assistance


Vision Care:

The vision program provides members and their families with significant savings on the purchase of corrective eyewear, contact lenses and related eyewear products. Membership entitles eligible participants to valuable savings from the first day of membership, every day, all year.

Cost Containment: Eyewear products are sold to members at savings of up to 50% off the retail price. Members receive discounts on most frames, prescription lenses, tints and coatings.

Quality. Preferred providers go through a verification process or are otherwise qualified by the states in which they practice. These preferred providers carry up-to-date, top of the line products from leading manufacturers.

Convenience. The Vision Care network is comprised of preferred provider locations including many retail chains. Simply select a provider and present your membership card. There are no forms to complete or waiting periods.

Choice of Providers. Absolute freedom of choice of providers within the network.

No Restrictions or Limitations. Members are entitled to use the benefit to purchase as many products as they need, as often as they desire. There are no restrictions on the type of frames, lenses and/or options that they may select. For disposable contacts, members can use the convenient mail order service.

Most replacement contact lenses can be ordered through our mail order service at savings of up to 60% off usual and customary prices. Most major brands and types of contact lenses are available through the mail order service. Members can call and receive price quotes for brands and types of lenses over the telephone.

Vision Plan guarantees satisfaction and the lowest price. If a member finds a lower price anywhere else on the exact same pair of prescription eyeglasses purchased at a participating location within 30 days, the difference will be refunded.

Your satisfaction in the vision plan and the mail order service is fully guaranteed. If for any reason you are not happy with a purchase at the retail locations or through the mail, return the merchandise within 30 days for an exchange or full refund.

Prescription Medication:

The prescription drug program provides a link to most of the largest pharmacy chains into a common and consistent discount program. Through an exclusive agreement with one of the nation’s premier drug management organizations, members can obtain discounts of up to 30% on drug prices through a national network of approximately 40,000 pharmacies.


The prescription drug program provides savings on generic and many brand name prescription drugs. Take your membership card with you to a participating pharmacy. Show your membership card to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will enter the information on your membership card into the on-line computer system and you will be immediately eligible for the special negotiated price. Your actual cost will be the contract price or the pharmacy’s usual and customary charge that day, whichever is lower.

The drug program is a mandatory, on-line claim adjudication program. Because discounts are electronically determined, members are assured of receiving a consistent discount. The pharmacist enters the member’s identification number printed on the card into the on-line computer system and the prescription discount prices are accessed. Discounts on prescription drugs are based on a discount on the manufacturer’s wholesale price plus a small dispensing fee.

Mail Order Service:

An important component of the prescription drug program is the mail order service option. The mail order service provides either brand name or generic drugs at significantly discounted prices. A 100-day supply of the prescription drug can be sent by mail order. The mail order pharmacy program is especially convenient for maintenance prescriptions. Members save time and money as trips to the pharmacy are reduced. Once the initial prescription is filled the member will receive a new order form for subsequent orders and refills. Most regular prescriptions are mailed via first class mail within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

Chiropractic Services:

Millions of Americans rely on chiropractic care to reduce pain and stress and to function more productively. The program reduces members’ costs for routine chiropractic care as well as for acute chronic problems. There are no forms to complete and no waiting periods. Members may see the chiropractor as often as they need with no limit on the number of visits. Payment at the reduced fees is made to the doctor at the time of services.

The chiropractic network is one of the largest chiropractic networks in the United States. Members can utilize these private practice chiropractors knowing that they have met the highest professional standards in the chiropractic profession.

Benefits include:

  •     Free initial consultation
  •     Up to 40% savings on x-rays (if necessary)
  •     40% savings on other diagnostic services
  •     20% savings on all other services and follow up treatment


Vitamins and Nutritional Supplement:

Vitamins and nutritional supplements program allows members to purchase superior quality vitamins, herbs and nutritional supplements through our mail order service at a generous discount.

Benefits Include:

Quality. Members are guaranteed access to the highest quality vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies at the very lowest prices.

Satisfaction. All products are backed by an unconditional money back guarantee.

Additional Savings. Members call to request a vitamin catalog. Upon receipt members can call the toll-free number listed in the catalog to place an order or to ask questions about the available vitamins and nutritional supplies.